“The best life insurance for your baby is daily abhyanga and mother’s milk".  Dr. S. Gogte.  

About ten to twelve days after delivery, as soon as the umbilical cord has come off and the tummy area is dry and well healed, your mother baby technician will guide you through a hands on, step by step, instruction on how to prepare and perform daily ayurvedic massage for your baby.

The baby abhyanga instruction, bathing guidelines and exercises can be scheduled just prior to your own treatment on a day when other family members who would like to can also participate.

The benefits of daily massage are vital for:
  • Enhancing the circulatory and respiratory system of your baby by bringing nourishing blood to all the cells of the body
  • Daily abhyanga/massage improves digestion, healthy muscle tone, aiding growth and development of your infant
  • The massage helps to enhance relaxation enabling your baby to establish better sleep patterns
  • Regular abhyanga relieves muscular tension held from the fetal position
  • Spending time and communicating with your new borne during this precious time in their lives is particularly fulfilling and reaps long term benefits and rewards for both emotional and physical health

Baby Exercises
The Mother Baby program guidelines recommend a few very simple, effective exercises for your baby. These gentle movements will stimulate the baby's digestion helping to prevent wind and colic as well as helping to strengthen and tone the whole body. Your mother baby technician will take you through the sequence providing you with hands on experience to enable you to become confident and proficient.
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