I have been very lucky to discover the mother and baby abhyanga program after my second pregnancy. My first after delivery period was a nightmare, baby blues with all the misery of crying, fatigue, melancholy and depression.

Angie as her name describes her so well, was my angel. Not only her amazing
massages would bring me back my energy, and put my soul back into my body,
also my baby benefited from the massages with warm oil, on all levels, sleep, digestion, and also the tactile connection with the mother.

I recommended Angie to a lot of my friends, they were all so grateful. I would strongly recommend, this program. No doubt it works on all levels.”

Nora Ricciardi

"We arranged for three of our nieces to have the Mother Baby Program. They all speak very highly of their experiences. One of them has had the treatment twice, and has already booked her treatment in anticipation of the delivery of her third!

We saw first hand how the program revitalizes them after the baby is born, which averts any possible problems arising from deep ongoing fatigue. I will always recommend the Mother and Baby Program to any expectant mother in our extended family because it is absolutely marvelous both for the mother and the baby. A blissful baby reflects the mother's wellbeing."
Judith and Paul Kember

“My wife is more deeply relaxed and happy. What I enjoyed was being able to take care of everyone, and know that my wife was getting the full benefit of the program without practical hassles of day-to-day running the house. It has brought us closer together and definitely strengthened the unity of the family. It’s a big experience on the family level. All of the family were functioning as different parts and now after the Mother and Baby program there is unity. It’s a wonderful feeling to know you’re doing the best you can for your family."
Geoff Gay

“On meeting Angie at the orientation meeting, I instantly felt comfortable with her friendly, supportive approach. I could see that this was not going to be a rigid, one approach fits all program. We started our 12 days of treatment, 5 days after I gave birth to my son. Angie arrived each day 30 minutes before my treatment to prepare the oils and room for me. I did not have to think or do anything. I only had to feed my baby and then hand him to my husband or Mother so that I could enjoy a blissful two hours of much needed 'me' time. I felt incredibly rested afer each session - nearly like I had had a full night's sleep. And I believe the cumulative effect of these power rest sessions, the herbs and the diet put me on the road to recovery faster than I would have managed on my own. It is almost as if these sessions grounded me after a whirlwind experience and rebalanced my internal compass.

I am grateful to Angie for giving me such a wonderful experience at the start of motherhood, and I continue to give my son his daily abhyanga. He loves it and sleeps and eats much better for it."
Coreen du Toit

"Doing abhyanga is a sweet time for us. It’s nice to be with my babies (twins) and we do our abhyanga together. It’s good for them to know that I am doing abhyanga, too. I take time doing their abhyanga and it has proven to be effective in avoiding colds and tummy bugs. Everyone who sees them says, “Oh, look at those babies! Aren’t they the healthiest babies you ever saw” I am sure the abhyanga has a large part to do with that. It helps them to grow very easily”.
Deanna Freeberg

“The herbs are so amazing for a new mother. I found the tea to be very soothing to my nervous system. It helped balance mood swings and calmed feelings of anxiety that were prone to come up after delivery. The first day I took the tea; I was feeling overwhelmed and was in tears. As soon as I drank the tea I calmed down. I had more energy and it seemed to help my lactation. My baby gained weight consistently from the beginning, she is so healthy. I enjoyed the herbs very much.” 
Wendy Harper
"After my first delivery by C-section, the skin and tissues around my tummy had felt dead for weeks, but following three days of ayurvedic treatment I felt totally renewed. In fact, counter to the instructions to rest, I had gone out shopping the day before because I felt so great.”  Kate Talbot

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