Your Consultation
Prior to delivery we recommend you visit the Maharishi Ayurved Health Center for a comprehensive prenatal consultation with our G.P., Dr. Donn Brennan.

Dr. Donn Brennan is fully a qualified western G.P., as well as the being the première Consultant in the UK for Maharishi Ayurveda. The consultation will cover all aspects of prenatal care and provides comprehensive advise on all areas of health management including:
  • An assessment of your overall state of health in order to detect any imbalances along with recommendations on how to address them
  • Ideal routines for daily and seasonal activity to enhance your health during pregnancy
  • Dietary recommendations during pregnancy and beyond
  • Provide you with an understanding of your particular physical and psychological needs in accordance with the principles of Maharishi Ayurveda
You will learn about the effects of foods, environment and experiences on your mind and body as well as the necessary tools for making the changes needed for optimum health during pregnancy and delivery. Arange your consultation appointment here

Home Orientation
and Walk Through

At the beginning of your 8th month of pregnancy, parents schedule an orientation meeting with the program's director to discuss all aspects of the home visit. You will learn:
  • What to expect from your treatment and how your massage will feel
  •  How to ready your home for treatment
  • A walk through with the technician to discuss where to store the massage table and linen
  • Show your technician where to access and operate kitchen equipment such as kettle, hob and washing up material
  • Access to the bathroom, bedroom and dedicated massage areas in order to prepare your daily treatment
  • A general introduction to Maharishi Ayurveda and how the doshas influence the physiology following birth
  • Food recommendations and preparation
  • Guidelines for your daily routine during the course of your treatment
The orientation meeting takes approximately one hour.

Your Treatment
at a Glance

Once the mother delivers she notifies the mother baby technician of her readiness to begin the program anytime after the third day following delivery. (10-14 days after a C-section).
  • At the mothers convenience the ayurvedic technician comes to her home for treatment including daily massage with herbalized oils.
  • The technician also answers questions and reinforces the mothers understanding of the diet and activity guidelines.
  • Approximately two weeks after delivery, the parents are given instruction in ayurvedic baby massage, bath and exercises.

While a family member or trusted professional looks after your baby, the
ayurvedic technician helps you onto the massage table for an hour of
complete pampering and nurturing. She massages you with warm oil, specially
herbalized to balance and strengthen your physiology, then tucks you into
bed with fresh linen, made extra cozy with hot water bottles.

You rest as needed while the technician draws you a hot bath. After several
days of this, you feel surprisingly refreshed, revitalized, and ready to
take on the challenge, rather than burden, of caring for your newborn.
Treatment takes approximately 2 hours per day from start to finish.  
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